Toothy's Tackle Pro Staff | Stephen Boulden

Stephen Boulden

staff3Stephen Boulden has been fishing for 22 years. Over the last 10 years, fishing has become his passion. Ever since that first musky came and blasted his bucktail, Stephen has been hooked. He started fishing smaller lakes in both North Central Wisconsin, and Southeast Wisconsin. Through his passion and love for fishing in general, it wasn’t very long before Stephen started fishing smaller local tournaments, both for musky, and multi-species. As time went on, Stephen decided to make The Bay of Green Bay his home waters. Targeting the giant muskies that swim in those waters is a huge appeal, and factor into what made the Bay of Green Bay his home. After the move, Stephen started making friends along the way that helped him get to where he is today. Due to his success, Stephen has earned respect as an accomplished angler. Often large publications like In-Fisherman have relied upon his input with musky related articles. Stephen has also been featured on television shows such as Keye’s Outdoors, and Mid-West Outdoors.



Stephen’s Lure Recommendations

“The Toothy Tid-Bit is my all-time favorite spring time bait. It is the first bait on my line for that first cast every year. I like to burn them as fast as I can near shoreline structure to entice those post spawn giants. Once the summer comes I always have a Toothy Tickler near-by, as well as the recently introduced Bully. I like to roll them over the tops of the deep weed beds, and over rock bars.”