If considering attending the upcoming winter sport shows in 2017, starting with Musky Expo Chicago on January 6-8th, expect a lot of lures and eye candy on display from several manufacturers. Expect seeing a ton of bucktails too, including a few attractive and successful big fish models manufactured by Toothy’s Tackle, LLC of Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Manufactured by Stephen Wesoloski, who is an avid musky angler on the bay, “The tickler is musky fishing’s most innovative and versatile bucktail. In addition to the standard #11 size blade model, we will have both a size #9, and a downsized #8 model in stock as well, each in several new colors.”

In recent years, large double-bladed muskie bucktails have taken over the minds of anglers and manufacturers. While several companies make bucktails with blades beyond the #10 size, few have utilized creativity and engineering to build a new concept for hooks and trailers. Enter the Tickler by Toothy’s Tackle, that adds thickly cut, crinkle mylar skirts and highly reflective beveled blades that give off a level of light, reflection and vibration unlike any other big bucktail on the market. Nobody else has a blade anything like this. On this bait, the Tickler’s synthetic skirt flares out more due to individual curly-tail trailers attached to three single hooks. Toothy’s Ticklers give big blade fishermen an option that on certain days a unique skirt and trailer material may be a more important triggering effect on muskies than blade size.

Toothy’s Tackle is the musky angler’s one stop shop for high quality muskie baits and home of the Tickler and Toothy’s Original Bucktails. Over the course of the last three seasons, Toothy’s has developed a unique lineup of inline bucktails with several different blade and body options, and color schemes. The skirting material on all Toothy’s products is known to be more reflective and larger in profile, and custom engineered blades generate greater vibration and flash. These properties and lure’s performance have caught the appetites of anglers, and muskies.

This winter, the cash will be flowing.


2017 Sport Show Customs

Available at the muskie sport shows only, Toothy’s Tackle will have new color combinations added to its lineup of Bullys, Ticklers, and Toothy’s Originals. 


Can’t make it to the shows? Don’t fret, Toothy’s Tackle products are always available for sale thru retailers. Additionally, you may also order online at www.toothystackle.com.



Toothy’s Tackle is your one stop shop for high quality muskie baits and freshwater fishing tackle. Manufactured in Green Bay, WI by Stephen Wesoloski, Toothy’s only uses top-shelf components and craftsmanship in the manufacture of its lures; their own work that’s replicated by no one else. For more information about Toothy’s Tackle products, visit them on the web at www.toothystackle.com, or call Wesoloski at (920) 621-1133